Lin Hurlen Kvifte  is born 1972 in Oslo and live and work from her studio in Hvalstad, Asker.

She has an  MBA from the US, has practiced business advisory Professional and started her creative career in the backyard. Galleries and exhibitions followed. Lin uses a mixture of collages with photography, textiles and acrylic paint. She uses a mix of canvas and wood as base. Paintings come to live with the different structures. The mixed media make a fusion of illusions and reality where it is difficult to tell the two apart.

Lin’s inspiration and passion is India with all its contrasts and colors. The beauty of the people and the harmony they live in. The Mughal Empire, and the gracefulness of the Hinduism and its goddesses. The changing perspective from different life experiences and the liberation, freedom and hope of today’s India.

In addition to paintings, Lin also designs cusions and chairs with an artistic twist.

You are more than welcome to visit Lin in her studio where she also paints on commission.   


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